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I am looking to relocate from were my family lives now. I would like to have a unique experience and do some good with my nursing career. I am married with 4 kids only 2 youngest would likely relocate with us. I am an ADN nurse I have 3 years experience working on a telemetry unit. I am wondering which locations would be best suited to our situation? I want to finish my bachelors and my husband would like the chance to start college courses so within reasonable distance of a college would be required also are there any locations that offer housing for employees that would be a major expense that would be nice not to have for my husband to go to school. Which locations are the safest for a family to live at I wouldn't have to want to worry about my house being broken into when I was at work or being carjacked on my way to work or something. I have heard there are gangs on the reservations and are there problems with them bothering medical staff thinking they carry drugs(pain meds/ benzos) around with them? We currently live in a fairly small city so my kids play on the street I live on and go back and forth to the neighbors houses to play without me worrying too much would that be something that would out of the question in these areas? I am a white girl so would I have a lot of problems with being an outsider ? Are there any locations that could suit my needs? Thanks for any replies or info you may have to share.


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There are TONs of locations that would fit your needs however with 3 years of tele you will have to find one of the larger facilities that has a MedSurg unit.

As for being an outsider the only trouble you will have is getting rid of your Pre-concieved notions about car-jacking's, drug gangs & getting robbed. You also need to be prepared for the fact they arent even really hiring right now--Unless you take a travel assignment or something.


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I worked on the Navajo Reservation last year. The facility I worked had inpatient med/surg/peds, ICU, and OB. They were IHS and now they are a private (or some say "Tribal") facility. I loved it. Send me a private message if you like. I left and moved back to Mississippi but will go back to the Rez one day.