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I am a senior in High School, and I want to be an RN, and I ould love to work in Pediatrics. Can anyone tell my of a good school in southern California, that is affordable, and that has a really good Nursing program. Or even tell me what you did to become a nurse. (if you are in pediatrics; please tell me what you did to get where yo are, and if you like it!) Any form of response will be much appreciated! Thank you! And God bless!

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Dear LoriBeth;

In your area, Southern California, the best nursing school/college is Mount St. Mary's College in Brentwood. It is primarily an all woman's Catholic liberal arts college. It has a very well regarded and well known nursing department. It is a little bit pricey, but they provide so many opportunities for scholarships and grants. The actually push them. I know several Jewish friends who went there because it was so well regarded. You are almost guaranteed a job anywhere, but at MSMC their grads are well respected and hired eagerly, even when the job market is slow. Their grads seem to pass the boards in a higher %. Call them, and get a tour. It's a beautiful campus. Close to UCLA and Westwood for entertainment.

Good Luck.

PS; I suggest a BSN.


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Hi LoriBeth

Good luck in school!

I am a Peds Nurse in NYC. I went straight to Peds from Nursing school because that is what I loved. I just told the Nurse Recruiter that is what I was looking for, and when it came up, applied and got accepted. I guess they knew about my enthusiasm about Peds from the beginning and were pleased to hire me!



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Dear Lori;

I just remembered that you had mentioned that you were interested in working with peds! I am a Pediatric Intensive Care Nurse at Children's Hospital Los Angeles. I love my job. My unit is exciting and all of the staff work well together. My pay there is reasonable. If you would like to have a tour, contact me I'd be more than happy to show you around.


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I"m gonna be a junior at the University of Rhode Island's college of nursing. I am also interested in Pediatrics. When I was 18 I started volunteering at a Children's hospital nearby and I love it. I definitely want to go into pediatrics directly out of college. I've always wanted to work in medicine and with children, i mean there are times when I get scared and wonder if I might not be able to handle inflicting pain on children, but I know that by witnessing the nurses and patients at the hospital i volunteer at, most of the nurses and kids have great relationships and I"m almost one hundred percent positive thats what i want to do with my life!good luck finding a school!:D


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Well it depends on what your'e looking for Lori. I am going for my RN and there are 2 excellent schools locally. I am going to Cypress. At first I was put off by the cement, but the longer I am there, the more impressed I am concerning their program. It's strengths lie in the clinical aspect. It is VERY hands on. By the time you graduate, you have had from simple experience to very complicated. How I researched schools was via hospital recruiters. I told them exactly what I wanted to know. "Which schools/graduates have you been most impressed by when hired? They told me Cypress and Goldenwest. If you are looking for a BS program that's reasonable, that would be CSLB (Long Beach) but the program is so impacted that you could be on a waiting list for 3 years!) Feel free to e'm me. Heather:rolleyes:

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