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I am going on my third month of being a critical care nurse, my first nursing job, and I am not pleased with it. I have decided to go into camp nursing next summer, next because this summer's campers are all heading home soon :(

So...I am looking for a position that someone with three months under their belt can do. I enjoy working with people and providing care, I just don't enjoy the fast paced environment of the hospital. I am looking for something slower and more enjoyable.

I can take a pay cut, even a huge one, because my expenses are extremely low to almost nonexistent. I would like something to get some more experience while I wait for next summer to roll around.

My plan for the future is to do camp nursing during the summer, while volunteering/working on farms for a few months out of the year.

I've tried searching around on this website and have come up with insurance nursing, home care, and etc... and those all interest me, but is there anything available with my experience level?

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If you're interested in working with kids at a summer camp, maybe you would also enjoy working as a school nurse.

+ school nurse, cruise nurse, home health, private duty if you get lucky

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Add MD office to the above.

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