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Looking to enter APN program, but need info on a good school


Hi I am planning on starting a APN program soon, well in 2010 to be exact. I have looked at several of the specialties and reralize that the ANP route is the best route for me. I have looked at several schools, but Vanderbilt and UAB are my top choices so far. Both of the schools are credible and have good programs. Vandy is a little expensive, but I do not have any major debts so 40k for a year is not the end of the world, considering people spend that amount on a car these days, but UAB is a little closer to home and not as expensive, due to it being a state university.

I was wondering if anybody has attended either of these schools and if so what did you think about their programs. Another thing about UAB is that they do not require the GRE if your g.p.a. is above a 3.2, Vandy on the other hand does but they say that they are flexible with the score.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated


Specializes in Emergency, MCCU, Surgical/ENT, Hep Trans. Has 20 years experience.

Vandy grad here. LOVED it. Flexible, flexible. I'd advise strongly looking at total costs and take transportation into consideration. The ANP program is awesome, but you need to really look at what/where you want to work and keep that in mind when you pick your preceptors.

I would not drive by UAB to attend VU, unless you just want that diploma.