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Hello everyone,

I was hoping to get a nurses opinion on a situation that developed at work. I'm working as an assistant in nursing at the moment which is an assistant nurse in case you haven't heard of that title before.

Anyway I work on various wards of the hospital and I was assigned to a ward to look after a patient who was confused. My job was just to supervise the patient one on one, just to make sure he stays safe whilst confused.

Anyway, the patient was trying to leave the ward most of the shift. About half way through the shift the patient became unsteady on his feet. I caught him whilst falling 2 or 3 times. He would not listen to me when I would try to get him to sit down or lie down. I could not get through to him at all.

I told his nurse and she didn't seem interested, she would respond with 'okay just keep watching him'.

I told the team leader and she was really helpful and she tried to help manage him. She mentioned it to the patients nurse a few times and she didn't even respond (probably because the nurse and team leader are friends).

Anyway it got to the point I was so stressed because he wouldn't listen and he was very unsteady on his feet. I actually grabbed him the 4th time he fell and put him onto his bed and told him I would not let him up. I was told by team leader I could not do that.

I went and spoke to his nurse, I was secretly fuming with her but she basically said that it was my job to look after him and ensure his safety, after all that's why I was there on the ward that day.

What I'm wondering is, did that nurse have a responsibility (legally or professionally) to assist me and help me manage him? She did not get involved at all, often ignoring everything that was happening. I was very angry but didn't say anything.

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Hi Joshe, so sorry for your experience, it sounds like a very challenging day and one where you needed support.

Are you a registered nurse or nursing assistant? Also, can I ask which country you work in, some of your language suggests it may not be the US in which case the legislation around restriction and restraint may differ.

Edit: sorry from another post I can see your from Austrailia.

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