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Hi all,

I am a FNP student in an APN roles class. I'm looking for a CNS to do a fairly quick email Q&A/interview. I would like to hear from a CNS because the role has great variance from state to state and it seems like often other nurses don't clearly understand the role of the CNS.

I'm not able to use private messages on here (long-time lurker, not much for posting), but I can be reached by email at [email protected] or a reply on the thread.

Thanks in advance

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I'm an adult health and pedis CNS and am glad to help. If you post your questions on this thread though you will probably get more answers.


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Thanks. Here's the questions.

What state do you practice in?

1. How long did it take you to find a job? How long after starting your first job did it take to feel confident of your knowledge/abilities?

2. How is your role different from other APNs?

3. Do you find that patients don't understand the role of an APN?

4. Have you worked under a physician during your career? If so, did it make you feel more or less secure?

5. Did you feel your school provided you adequate knowledge to pass the certification exam? Did you utilize review resources prior to taking exam?

6. How much is starting pay for APN's in your field? Have you noticed new grads getting paid more now than when you started?

7. Are you involved in nursing organizations or in the political arena?

8. How has your scope of practice changed throughout your career? Both regulatory and personally.

9. Is your pay by the hour, salary, or by patient? Did you negotiate on your first contract? How is your contract now different from your first job?

10. Who are you credentialed with? Certification agencies, which insurance companies?


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This is an assignment for you to interview an advanced practice nurse, I assume. You don't know who you'll get to answer your questions here. It could be Joe Schmoe who stalks the net, and not an APRN. In addition, to answer your questions gives whoever answers them an assignment that is way above and beyond what most (besides me) would want to spend time doing.

Hospitals have CNSs. So do universities. Make some phone calls and meet with one in person. Buy him or her a coffee and talk over drinking it. It's great networking and your interview could lead to all sorts of answers you never expected.

You might ask for someone to interview by phone rather than by essay, here. Still, it's risky since you don't know for sure who will respond.


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I agree. I posted in here because I was finding that people were either unable to meet with me or not getting back to me at all. Face-to-face is always best.

I did just find someone that is able to meet with me for an interview for my project.

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that's wonderful! good luck with your schooling!

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