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Looking for Austin Texas preceptor

by lenise lenise (New) New

Hi I just started my FNP program and I'm looking for a preceptor.I don't start clinical till the end of next year but I hear it's very hard to find a preceptor in Austin. I'm willing to travel to the surrounding areas. I would greatly appreciate it if someone could give me some guidance. I did not want to wait last minute and not be able to finish the program because I don't have placement.

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Well, without getting the preceptor mess settled prior to enrollment, you have just cast your fate to the wind.

Why schools and students think that NPs and MDs are falling over backwards to offer their services for free is beyond me. (get out the checkbook)

Quite possibly the schools are overselling the NP programs in relation to the available preceptors. Lovely of them, isn't it?

I say these words in the hope that someone will take pity on this student.

But really, does pity have to be part of receiving a professional education?

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This site has a list of NP organizations that has preceptors listed http://www.theagapecenter.com/…/Spec…/Nurse-Practitioner.htm. The link is broken so you will have to copy and paste the organization name into the search engine. You can also check out https://npfinder.aanp.org[COLOR=#1d2129] to locate a preceptor. I live in Dallas, TX and just last week I was able to locate preceptors in Houston, San Antonio and Waxahachie through TNP. I hope that this helps. [/COLOR]