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Looking for Aesthetics Mentor

by ADavisRN87 ADavisRN87 (New) New Nurse Student

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Good afternoon all! I am currently in an FNP program in TX and would love to get into aesthetics nursing. I plan on getting started with certification for botox/fillers as soon as my schedule permits but would love to find a mentor in the industry to learn from and hopefully shadow! Any pointers on how to get my foot in the door would be very much appreciated! Thank you so much!

Hi, what are of nursing were you in prior to FNP program? Try going to different Med Spa's in your area that employ Aesthetic nurses and see what they say. Find out who is good through word of mouth and directly ask to speak with this person. I've found some pretty good injectors that would happily mentor me by doing this. I just have to decide if nurse injector is the career path I want to take. Good Luck!

eg1014, BSN, RN

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In my opinion, the aesthetics industry has a lot to do with networking, and being persistent. If you are not currently in the field or have a solid amount of experience, I have found that no one will teach you anything for free (unless a practice hires you and trains you for free) or let you shadow -- everyone charges a pretty penny to show you what they do and teach their skill. 

So I highly recommend that you definitely attend a course and get a certification at least for now -- and start driving out to practices to try and network.

I have been trying to get into this field for some time now, and this year I decided a different approach -- so, I got certified in February and I recently started training as an injector -- but I had to network, because submitting applications and asking around to shadow was not getting me anywhere. It is a TOUGH field to get into -- but you CAN do it. 

Best wishes on your journey!

eg2014, would you mind telling me who you were certified through? I am looking at different training symposiums, but am worried about the legitimacy of them. 

I am currently in nursing school and have dreams of being an aesthetic nurse.  Sooo in Dallas "The National Laser Institute" in Dallas has courses on many aesthetic procedures.  Once I graduate in May '22 I plan on taking their botox/filler course. I have lip filler so anytime I get a touch up I always ask the nurse "how did you get where you are?" I live in the DFW area so they say they went to NLI then applied at all spas until one hired them.  The spas with train you further on the techniques they prefer.  Also if you are able or can afford a pay cut, apply to any spa to work their desk, do their stocking anything really. I believe there is also a program in Irving that does training but I am not too familiar with them. 




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what kind of aesthetics mentor?


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The industry of aesthetic care and certification of Botox is very difficult and requires real study, without which you will only harm people.
Without education, you will only harm people, so it is not worth the risk. One of my friends wanted to enlarge her lips and unfortunately she came across a terrible doctor who did not take responsibility for his work. I also want to make myself a botex, but I'm afraid it will only get worse, so I started to study this and came across the site drhennessyacademy.com.This gave me the idea to do it myself and become a qualified specialist.