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Ok, here's my dilemma: I just started my ADN program last week. I only had a day to prepare because I was on the alternate list and got the call literally a day before classes started. Well, 2 weeks prior to this I took a job as a tech at a local hospital. When I interviewed for the position, my manager ended up having an emergency and the HR lady got stuck in a meeting, so I ended up interviewing with the DON of the hospital. During the interview I told her that I was on the alternate list and my schedule could be subject to change very last minute. So I got hired for full time and my ADN program is full time 4 days a week, so I was looking at the schedule yesterday and for the next 4 weeks Im on the schedule for every fri, sat, and sun! My manager was supposed to meet with me about re-working my schedule last Thurs. but ended up not coming in to work. Needless to say I cant work and go to school 7 days a week because not only am I going to need to time to study, but I am a SINGLE MOM of a 3 year old! So Im going to ask if I can go down to part-time, but this is only my 4th week of work, so Im wondering if anyone can give me some tips on how to talk to my manager about this? Thanks!!


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No, you can't work seven days a week!!!

Just lay it out on the line and explain everything. Tell your manager that you told the DON it might turn out this way. See if you can get changed to per diem status, that way you have much better control over your schedule. Work as little as possible - you have enough on your plate with NS and your little one. That said, being a tech is a great experience to have while in NS. Who knows, they may actually be supportive of your decision to go to NS! (Congratulations, by the way!):D

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There are plenty of people in that hospital attending school (especially nursing school)! If anyone says anything, and they will, be sure to remind your hiring manager that you were on the wait list and this was mentioned in the interview.

By the way, you might have to work the schedule for the first few weeks unless you find a replacement or switch shifts with someone. Afterward the department may accommodate you to be part-time. I know that my department is flexible with students (techs and nurses) because they want the student to continue to work for them upon graduation. Tech jobs like extern/intern are even more flexible (we make our own schedule and can change it at the last minute)! Check with your hospital for the policy regarding schedules for more information. GL.

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