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I am in my third semester of nursing.  I had taken a HESI and scored a 910 which clearly states that I have an understand of the content.  However, my program states that I have to have a certain amount of points to pass .  I am shy of 1 point to pass.  I want to appeal it.  I feel that it's worth it. I feel that I am worth it!  I attend class everyday.  Never missed a clinical rotation.  Always on time.   Interacts in classroom.  Assignments are turned in on time.  Willing to help other students.  Any encouragement or advise would be helpful.

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Do not be surprised if you get suggestions to improve your written work, because people who are careful writers are also careful readers. Misreading just a few questions will drop your score just enough to miss your program’s standard. 
I’m looking at singular/plural mismatches and advise/advice confusion first. 
If this is your third semester of eight in a BSN program, you should see your advisor weekly, not just ask us, on how to get back on track.
If this is the third semester of four, this is where things predictably get harder. Study habits that used to get you by last year will be inadequate now— and your last semester will be harder still as you are expected to integrate your previous learning at higher levels.
Visit your faculty advisor or clinical instructor 1:1 every week with questions about your lectures ir reading, so you never, never fall a teeny bit behind; those little misses add up by the time semester exams roll around and exam week is not the time to learn new material. 


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On 11/7/2021 at 4:33 PM, Hannahbanana said:

I’m looking at singular/plural mismatches and advise/advice confusion first. 

as this poster says above,this has to be improved as you continue in your nursing  degree plans.Find a tutor ,take it seriously,one point is one point ,that is the requirement,in nursing there is only the Right way to do things from meds to charting.Good luck and continued success.