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Looking for advice on career change to PA or RN


I'm at a loss and wondering if anyone on this site can help me. I currently work in advertising in NYC. But I have a B.S. in Biology (I completed 2 yrs chemistry and many bio and psych courses). However, my degree is from 2000! I am looking for a career change to either nursing or PA, but I cannot find any info on how to go about this. I think the courses I did in 2000 no longer apply, but not sure about my overall degree.

Does anyone know someone who went through this? i would be willing to retake classes, but I'm just not sure how to even apply for anything anymore :(

thanks very much!!!!


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Usually your science courses "age out" and are no longer generally accepted by programs anywhere from 2-5 years old from when you completed them. You general education credits usually don't expire at least from what I have experienced. Cotact the admissions department of thw schools to which you want to attend and find out what their cut off # of years it is.

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Keep in mind that the process for becoming an NP includes becoming an RN. On the other hand, the pathway to PA is much more straightforward because it IS the entry into practice for that field. You may also be a bit shocked at the very high GPA requirements for acceptance to a nursing program these days. It seems that the entire world began stampeding into nursing in 2008, and it hasn't subsided yet.

Be sure to investigate actual career prospects in your area. There is a lot of hype in the media about the projected 'shortage' of Nurses in general and NPs specifically. Don't drink that Kool Aid.