Long waiting period of reciprocity/endorsement


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Hi, I am a Philippine trained nurse who recently moved in Illinois USA through EB3 visa PD June2005..I am a registered nurse in the state of Vermont. I applied for reciprocity here in Illinois IDFPR last August 15,2013 together with the fee via registered mail. I received a mail back that they received my application last August 20,2013. Every week I call their office to check my application, simetimes 2~3X per week.They advised me to call back the following week and so on and so forth which I also did . They promised to look into my case but after a week they said my name is

not yet in their data system. The same person answers my call most of the time but it seems that she really don't look into my case.Sometimes ,different person with different reason,like they just received the August applications. I am already tired of waiting and calling. I can't work here with no license, and my petitioner which is a Nsg home,is already waiting for me to start my job. My friend who also came from the Philippines who also applied for reciprocity in Illinois only had less than 4 weeks of waiting until she found her name in the IDFPR website on the RN list. She's the one who advised me to call the IDFPR 2~3X per week. But it didn't work for me. I hope somebody can also share his/her experiences about this matter or any advice related to this. Thank you for reading.


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I don't have any experience with IL specifically, but I've moved several times over my career and it has sometimes taken months to get the new license.


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after a long wait, my name was posted yesterday in their website license look up.I called them and they said they just mailed it yesterday. Thanks God.