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Long term disability for maternity leave ?


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I’m just wondering if anybody has taken long term disability at the beginning of a school year and can shed some insight ?

I know they are all different but I’m wondering what kind of experiences you guys have had.

Mine requires you to be out for 30 day so without pay and the next they pay some. Anybody out there an expert on this stuff?

Not an expert but do you have short-term disability? You can use that before having to use LTD. I don't know about maternity leave falling under disability. Talk with a couple of attorneys who know labor law, I would say.

CONGRATS and best wishes.

I had a baby last school year and typically, you will use short term disability (6 weeks usually) which then rolls into the FMLA to complete 12 total weeks. STD will pay for those first 6 weeks (sometimes with one week exclusionary period - aka only paid for 5 weeks). Having a baby will not qualify you for long term disability unless you incur a major disability during pregnancy/labor. Not sure what happens if the baby has a condition that would keep you out of work for longer than 3 months, maybe LTD would apply then.