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Just wondering if anyone out there can let me know what to expect. I've heard that if you can last here for at least a year, you can go anywhere. I don't know how I should prepare or anything!... Read More

  1. by   Here.I.Stand
    Quote from mrsboots87
    LTC and LTAC are two different areas of nursing. LTC is usually geriatric care of very low acuity patients. LTAC is also a lot of geriatric care with some younger patients, but is generally MUCH higher acuity d/t the patients being very sick and needing more than the 5-6 days of hospital care that the hospital has resources to care for.
    My LTACH had way more young and middle aged than geriatric, although I'm sure that varies.

    But yeah, LTC it ain't. It's a step between ICU and step-down as an average, with some true ICU in the mix.