long term acute care (ltac)


what kind of nsg can i expect in ltac, also what kind of interview questions


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I am a recent grad. I graduated in april and worked at an LTAC in Va for 5 months and just got hired at one here in San Diego. It is definately not for everyone but, I think I have gotten so much experience already. At my recent interview they asked what types of patients would you see in the ltac hospital? ( Most of these patients are suffering from multiple things like DM w/ huge wounds(wound vacs), infections(MRSA, C-Dif, cellilitis ect, trachs, vents. They asked what complications would you see b/c these patients are in the ltac from 25-60 days? DVT's, bed sores, hospital acquired infections. Any more info you can Pm me here.

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Ltac are the facilities that take the hospital pts that are no longer acute care but require more nrsg care that ltc can give. I recently went to an interview and she told me "this is a hospital and we have hospital acuity pts. I need nurses that can tell when someone is going to code and see the signs of sepsis before it gets too bad to treat." So i hope that helps.

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