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Long Beach City College LVN-RN

Kaykay23 Kaykay23 (New) New Student

Hello all!

I recently applied to the LVN-RN program at Long Beach City. I was wondering if any one else has applied and wanted to open a forum to connect back and forth. This waiting game is killing me!


I applied to the bridge program as well. Have they given dates when decisions will be made?

I have not see anything yet. Is this your first time applying to Long Beach? Keep me updated if you hear anything please. I will as well. Fingers crossed for you.

Good morning, guys?
I'm in the same boat.
When I turned in the application form, it says 'Selections will be made within 6 to 8 weeks. You will be notified by email.'
However, LVN to RN program will be started as of 8/31, so I think LBCC let us know before starting the Fall semester, maybe.
Fingers crossed for all of us!

So I got an email today that they are telling us on Monday if we are in or not! Fingers crossed for everyone! 

Good luck to all of us 🤞

nurse_nanciee, LVN

Specializes in Reconstructive Plastic Surgery.

I applied too! Good Luck everyone!!

Anyone get a response yet?

nurse_nanciee, LVN

Specializes in Reconstructive Plastic Surgery.

3 hours ago, Kaykay23 said:

Anyone get a response yet?

No not yet ! 


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