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I found out today that I have just Passed my KVAT test and all my friends from school live in other counties and I don't really have anyone to tell how happy I am, does anyone out there care enough to be my special NURSEPAL?

I am not familiar with the term KVAT...but when anyone passes anything to do with this profession...I am happy for them!!! Any testing that involves nursing is complicated, so congratulations to you for passing. biggrin.gif

Congratulations Angela, I am from Ky too, a little further west. I don't know what a KVAT is, but congratulations anyway.


I am sure all members of this BB are very happy for you. Please fill us in on what a KVAT test is.

I just recently joined this BB and have found everyone to be caring people.

Feel free to e-mail me any time you have something you would like to share or even just to vent a little.

You said your friends are out of the country-- could be an interesting story to share with us.

Be happy



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I am happy for you. Why don't you visit the nurses meeting place and make some new friend.


I hope to see you there.

Hi! I am an LPN from Georgia...and am a school nurse...congrats on passing your ? (I'm now familiar with it.) Email me anytime!

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