I'm interested in doing travel nursing after I get some experiance as a nurse. But I only want to do it in London since they speak English.

Has anyone done this and how was it?



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I have looked into it-it was difficult before the genious with the crotch bomb, it is really difficult now. You must take the IELTS to prove you are fluent in English (don't laugh-many Americans are not!). You can look for a hospital to sponser you for a work Visa, but I have heard this simply isn't happening anymore. Plus, they do not set you up in an apartment/housing as they do in the states. It is a long process (and a very expensive one!!), and one I was well on my way to completing (ten years experience, always dreamt of living in the UK), but from what I have heard, it would be for nothing, as they simply are not looking for nurses.:(


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I would suggest checking with, there are DOD (US Government, Department of Defense) medical facilities all over the world that serve the various members of the US Military serving at bases in Spain, Japan, England and the majority, if not all of the patients are English speaking.


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London is only one of many cities in the country of England, which is part of the United Kingdom. English is the primary language spoken in the U.K. and there are other countries there besides England. Did you ever consider Scotland or Ireland? Do a Google search on the United Kingdom.


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Thanks you guys.

I will look at that link. I've done some research, but it helps to hear it from people that have some more inside scoop, instead of what a website paints.

I've been to Amsterdam in 2002, they all spoke English in public, but its the work place that I'm worried about. But I will genuinely look at the options all of you generously provided.

Thank you.