Loan repayment for underserved area's?

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I have been told there are programs for loan repayment for underserved or specifically designated area's. Been looking on the web and not seeing where this info is. Seems to me these programs I looked at are geared more tward physicians. Thru the grapevine, that in underserved area's you can get help onl loans. Wondering why this would apply to one facility and not others and so far have found no info.

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Look in to the Indian Health Service. They have a pretty good loan repayment plan and it's not just the physicians they cater to.

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Definitely look into Indian Health Service. There were quite a few people that I used to work with who went thru school this way for the CRNA program.

Also look in to the VA system.


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The programs you have heard of are through the US government Health dept, Bureau of Health professions. The offer grants to institutions to fund loan forgiveness. Try this link:

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Individual states and universities offer them too. I remember seeing offerings at my school's nursing website--practice in a certain county, go to the southeast AR delta region, etc.


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thanks for all the idea's!

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