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Good Afternoon,

I recently completed the LNA program from LNA Health Careers and I was curious as to what questions my possible future employers will be asking... Do you have any tips?

Thank you!

a few they will probably ask...

1. why do you want to be an lna?

2. how would you handle a hard situation?

3. were do you see yourself in the future?

4. best/worst qualities?

if your passionate for helping others id make that very clear,espically since you haven’t had any experince,they want to hear you have passion,and a willingness to learn :)

I searched a lot online to find what questions I could be asked. I prepared and practiced and it did help. I just had an interview at a nursing home and this is pretty much what she asked me:

1. So you're a new LNA, what did you like/ what was rewarding about your training?

2. Why did you want to become an LNA?

During conversation, she asked: Why did you leave your job? and Do you want to advance in this career? (or something like that) Just practice talking about why you are so passionate about being an LNA and you'll have it. I got the job by the way.

I had a different interview 2 weeks earlier for a home health agency that I blew mostly because I was nervous.

Just talk about your loving qualities and why you love helping people!

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