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Living with my grand mother :(

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I was wondering are any of you guys in a similar situation? I live with my Grandma and I am worried I may put her at risk of Covid😥.She is 78yrs old, albeit, she has never been and has no medical problems...…..Still she is in the high risk category of being an older person.I do not have covid -19, but I am nursing patients with it.

I am doing everything to be careful. I am self isolating in my bedroom and talk to her from a distance with a mask or we catch up on the phone. I don't watch tv with her anymore like we used to do, we don't eat together anymore. Luckily, I have got my own shower and toilet.I am disinfecting anything I touch, which I am trying to keep to a minimum. I would move but I have literally no where else to go right now. And she does not wish for me to go. She says knowing I am in my room makes her feel less lonely. This woman is like my mom. She pretty much raised me. I moved states 4 years ago and I have been back home with her ever since.

Is any of you guys in a similar situation , and what precautions are you guys taking?

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