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Live and learn...my med error!

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i have been doing some research on pca's and how easily errors can happen.

would you mind me asking you some questions directly by email?

you seem to know what you are talking about, and i hope you can help me understand a few things.

thank you,

kimberly :wink2:

thanks for sharing. it just goes to show that anyone can make a mistake -- and one of the lessons to take away is that making a mistake is understandable; covering one up is not. i've seen more than one nurse make a mistake, lie about it, and even enlist others to help cover it up. kudoes to you for being open and honest!

our institution requires a double check and cosign of pain orders and pca programming with another rn each time we change the programming or the syringe. it's painfully difficult sometimes to find another nurse, but might have prevented this error.

anyone who says they have never made a med error is either lying or just doesn't know they made it . . . maybe we should start a thread on med errors. it might help prevent someone else from making any of the same mistakes!

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Why were you forced to float halfway through your shift? This is so unfair to nurses. In California you must accept the assignment and then leave before they consider it abandoment. I used to refuse to do this. I will finish my shift here and then go home I would tell them and magically they would find someone else. Just when you had your original group settled down and had yourself organized they yank you. I was not even there and I am angry. Research your policy or rights in regard to this practice..that is where the problem started!!!!!!!!

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SusanKathleen, RN specializes in Trauma/Burn ICU, Neuro ICU.

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Thank you for writing, it was courageous of you. It will help more than you know - keep that in mind next time you want to beat yourself up.

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