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which littman for the ER?


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My mom offered to buy me one for graduation :heartbeat

cardiology III or master?

My mom offered to buy me one for graduation :heartbeat

cardiology III or master?

I am graduating in August, and I was also going to get a new stethoscope. Thanks for posting the question because I also was wondering which of these 2 was the best, I hope you get a response.

I loved my cardiology III when I worked ER. I'm thinking of going back to ER and my 'scope is coming with me.

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I was all set to purchase the master cardiologist, but then I recalled 1 of my nursing prof recommend the littmann card III. She stated the master card is a great stethoscope,but many use the "pressure" incorrect on it. not sure if that is correct, but I went with the card III, All black,lol Medisave.net has free engraving, and if ya goto http://www.retailmenot.com/ they often have discounts!!


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I've got 3 Littman at home. I found the best stetho is the UltraScope. And on top of it all, they're reasonably priced and cool looking! Just an opinion...

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I love my Master Cardiology! It does take a bit getting used to alternating between light and heavy pressure, but that stethoscope just can't be beat, in my opinion! :up:


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I know mine is an unpopular opinion. But I still can't hear a thing with the Littmans. LOVE my UltraScope! An unexpected benefit is that Littmans all look alike and grow feet easily. UltraScopes are unique and seldom fly to new homes.


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Not to make you scared or nervous.... but I currently am an ER nurse. Sometime it gets so busy and hectic, and so many different people going through there. It is EASY to lose your stethoscope, no matter how careful you are. Just think wisely before you ask for a very expensive stethoscope!

Just an FYI, stethoscopes seem to have clever feet. I had an expensive engraved stethoscope bought for me when I graduated. It walked off on my 3rd day on the job. Realized that any stethoscope available will be sufficient. So long as you know what it is your listening for, even a disposable stethoscope will do in a pinch. Keep it simple or you pocket will feel it. Mastering your skills is more important than the brand or cost of your stethoscope. Learned the hard way.


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Assuming you're not working in an ER with it's own pediatric department the Cardiology III will probably give you the most versatility. I've found that the cardiology III picks up a higher frequency of sounds and makes auscultating faint lung sounds a little easier. Also the small bell/diaphragm is great for peds/infants. Just make sure that you add some noticeable 'flair' b/c it's the most popular stethoscope (besides an entry-level Littman) that I've seen. That being said, I have a master cardiology and absolutely love it. I find it picks up heart tones really well and gives me a better 'visualization' of low-pitched LS types (i.e., rhonchi & consolidation).

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