Little funny thing pt said about Reglan


Pt (post op cabg) has been sick to his stomach.and also, low energy had nausea on and off. was ordered reglan. I went to bring him his first dose, and told him that this was Reglan. he said "that stuff they give to hyperactive kids?" (Reglan/Ritalin, sounds...kind of...close)

So i told him that although he needed more energy, i would not be giving him amphetamines to make it happen.



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That's funny. I have had people refuse Reglan because it makes their stomach rumble too much, but one person who refused said to go ahead and give her Ativan because it eases her abdominal pain


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I Like when my labor patients ask for "EPIDERMALS".

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My grandma who is 91 gets thinked mixed up occasionally even though she is sharp as a tack. She's had CHF and a-fib for years and recently when telling someone about her swollen legs, she said "it's because I have intestinal heart failure." I had to hold back laughter...


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that is sooooo funny..... thanks for a real laugh..... i needed that

:D :D :D :D


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Walked into a CA pt's room. He was talking on the phone and telling his friend "Yes, they're going to go into my abdomen and remove some nymphs."

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