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I am registered nurse from the philippines. I graduated in the year 2008 and I only have 10 months experience. I am about to send my application to AHPRA but here's a friend of mine who advised me that instead of applying directly to ahpra, i should take the student visa route (which is to take a course in OZ so that i can have a student visa good for 2 years to allow me to work so that i can save up and prepare for the bridging program). Now, i am already hesitant as to which path to take.

Is there someone here who can advise me on which path i should take? should I send my papers to ahpra or should I follow my friend's suggestion?

Please help before i make a wrong decision..

a little advise would be of great help..



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This is a no brainer......pay thousands out in international fees to a university or tafe for 2 years and study what? You need to pay out for accomodation and living expenses in this time and are only allowed to work for 20hours a week.....this cannot be as an RN because you are not one....what a personal care assistant on 16-18 dollars and hour, travelling expenses etc.

or pay out what 1/4 of the fees....only have to find expense money for 3 months and you will be an RN in Australia....mmmmmm

It was a given recently that if you studied in Australia for 2 years you could apply for visa after visa hoping to get a job and then apply for pr. this is no longer the case....so why would you want to study for 2 years.....

There is no guarrantee of a sponsored job no matter which way you approach becoming an RN here anymore and no reason to study for 2 years when this is longer a way of becoming a pr.

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Hello ceridwyn!!

thanks for the response.. so what would you advise me, should i push through with my plan on applying to ahpra? or should i j not?

thanks :)