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Listing professional jobs vs nonprofessional jobs

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I am an EMT-p in nursing school now. I'm currently applying for jobs as a Paramedic, ER tech, or a PCT. I am unable to list my clinical because I am enrolled at Excelsior. I have more experience in non professional roles so I don't want to leave those positions off my resume because they show ho long I've stayed at a job before. I feel like cumalitively its a lot though. It is all for a 10 year period, I frequently work more than one job. Any advice is appreciated. Also, should I inky list the titles and dates for those positions or should I list my duties? Maybe I should only list my duties on the professional roles?

Non professional:

Waited tables for 6 years at Two Senoritas

Waited tables at Applebee's for 13 months

Worked at Walmart for 7 months

Worked at a call center for 11 months

Waited tables at a sports bar for 10 months and going/ promoted to manager


Emt-b at ETMC for 4 months

PCT for Baylor for 4 months

EMT-B for Guardian for 2 months


Specializes in L&D, infusion, urology. Has 2 years experience.

Like you, I have a mix of healthcare and non-healthcare work experience. What I did was list out my healthcare experience with a couple of bullet points of what I did in that role. Then under that, I have a section for non-healthcare related professional experience, and I listed a couple of jobs I held for a couple of years or more, including management. I simply listed the name of the company, my ending position, and the dates. That way, it's there, and we can discuss them if managers are interested in hearing about them. Being a manager of a known retail store isn't really a job that needs to be spelled out. Same goes for serving tables. Most managers know that a server works their butt off, has to multi-task, has to deal with barbaric customers, work in a fast-paced environment, etc. So just having the job title will be enough for most managers to recognize what that role entails. Anything you had for less than a year that's not relevant I wouldn't list, and unless the job at Guardian is current, I wouldn't list it. The sports bar I'd list, if only for the sake of management experience.