List of ICU internships???


I really want to know where all the ICU interships are in US because I have a friend who is trying to go into critical care after she graduates with her BSN. I think it's ridiculous that there is no comprehensive list of various programs currently offered. I am already aware about the following programs:


The Cleveland Clinic

Northwestern Memorial





Mass General

Beth Israel Deaconess

Barnes Jewish



Columbus Ohio

University of Maryland Medical Center in Baltimore

Tampa General Hospital



University of Rochester, Strong Memorial Hospital.

If you guys can think of ANY other ICU internships for new grads, please let me know. I would really appreciate it!

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Many facilities will provide extensive orientations for new critical care nurses but not necessarily call them internships. Rather than limiting it to postings that include the word internship, your friend should research local facilities and see if jobs allow new grads to apply. If granted an interview after applying, the friend should then be sure to ask about the orientation procedure. At my facility, it is a full 6 months of orientation, which includes both time on the unit and time in the classroom. Nowhere in the job description does it state "internship".


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Almost all the hospitals in the St Louis area have been hiring new grads in the ICU. I second the opinion above, I wouldn't limit it only to "internships". I went straight to the ICU and it was 12 weeks of training. Have her apply anywhere she would be interested, I was told in my initial phone interview with my current Hospital that they didn't hire new grads in the ICU.

I was one of six that they hired that year for my unit. At least here, we are hurting for experienced nurses so everyone is willing to hire new grads. If you're experienced most hospitals are offering sign on bonuses as well.