list of CA direct entry MSN and accelerated BSN programs


due to the fact that i had a hard time finding direct entry msn's and accelerated bsn's here in ca (requirements are a bachelor in another field for both), i thought i'd post a list for those looking for one:

direct entry msn:

azusa pacific university - second careers and nursing (scan)

samuel merritt college - entry level msn (elmsn)

san francisco state university - generic ms

uc san francisco - master's entry program in nursing (mepn)

university of san diego - master's entry program in nursing (mepn)

university of san francisco - master's entry option (meo)

western university of health sciences - msn entry (msn-e), in pomona

another one that wasn't listed is cal state los angeles - entry level masters (elm)

and yet another new one is at loma linda university, not sure of its title

accelerated bsn programs in ca are offered at:

csu long beach

loma linda university

mount st. mary's college

samuel merritt college

most of these are found at: has many, but not all of them listed as well

feel free to add on if there are any i missed!

hope this helps someone out there...


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Thank you, Myethpio!

I' sure it will help someone.

From the California Board of Registered Nursing:

The BRN has the authority to approve registered nursing and advanced practice nursing programs in California. The purpose of approval is to ensure the program's compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements. Prelicensure nursing programs must be approved by the BRN.

More info on nursing programs from the Board:


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What a huge help to me and I'd imagine lots of students in my position. Thank you SO MUCH for posting this, and doing a lot of the work researching titles!


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That list is from 2005. Stuff has changed since then. For example, CSU Long Beach no longer has an Accelerated BSN program.


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But both Long Beach State and Cal State Fullerton have EL-MSN programs

Cal State Fullerton has an EL-BSN program, too


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Does anybody know how impacted these accelerated programs are compared to the normal route? I am thinking of applying to either the accelerated bsn or msn next year since I am getting my bachelors in psychology. I was initially a pre-nursing student but did not get accepted into the bsn program so I've been applying to community colleges to be waitlisted. But meanwhile I've decided to get a bachelors degree in another major since I'm waiting anyway. Can somebody give me more information on these accelerated programs? I need to know the average gpa to get into the program and how impacted it is. What are my chances? This is my plan B and if it fails..I don't know what to do!! So stressed out thinking about it.


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I'm also in the same position as Kim05 and would like to know the same information. I'm applying to SFSU as a nursing major and a psychology major as a backup. I highly doubt I will get accepted as the nursing major but if I get accepted as psychology major I would like to do that and go to an accelerated nursing program. I'm having a hard time finding information as to where there are these programs in CA. I would also like to know how impacted these programs are, since I read online somewhere that a certain school was only accepting 44 students into their program so that worries me a little.

also, if I stay on my path now instead of getting a BA in psychology and then going to the accelerated program, if I have repeats for my core classes because I've received a C grade the first time. Any suggestion on what I could do to be able to apply to schools such as San Francisco State University and San Jose State University and still have a good chance against other students?

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