Lipoma or Liposarcoma?


Well, I just went to the doc after having this deep-seated (that is, not visible, it can only be palpated to find it) lump for at least a year on my right lumbar region of my back. I passed it off for that long because I assumed it was just a lipoma, but I must admit that my studies in pre-nursing have kind of scared me into thinking it's something worse:uhoh3:!

Anyway, the doc palpated it and immediately smiled and said, "Oh yeah, I know what that is. I have some of those too on my back. It's just a lipoma." She said she wasn't concerned. She said it was moveable (a little).

But now I'm afraid she may have misdiagnosed it or something. I mean, could it be a liposarcoma? Isn't it impossible to tell the difference between the two by mere palpation? I've also heard that since liposarcoma is so rare, many docs can't tell the difference between the two by palpation. All I know is my lump is deep-seated, seems to have a well-defined border, and is smooth (doesn't feel pitted or lumpy) but rather firm (I wouldn't say it's rock hard though). I'm almost certain it has not grown at all (or very little) since I first noted it at least a year ago. It is also painless. Also, it seems attached to the rest of my back fat in that area on one side (the rest of the lump is free). I hope that doesn't mean it's metastasizing with the rest of the fat in that area of my back...

Do you think it would be worth a biopsy? My doc didn't think it was necessary, but what do you guys think? I'm guessing the biopsy wouldn't be so simple since the lump is deep-seated and not visible. Would I have to have surgery to have it biopsied?

Thanks for any help! I hope it's just my overractive imagination and the cumulative stress/anxiety of working in my prereq classes for the last 16 months in the hopes of getting into nursing school. By the way, I'm also 25 years old, if that helps in any kind of speculation.

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I don't think we can be giving out medical advice of that nature here.

I would say if you are concerned seek a second opinion.

I would also add that myself and many of my fellow students have been convinced that we had the conditions we were studying.

But by all means seek the advice of an appropriate medical professional! Many things have a better prognosis if treated early and if it's nothing you will have a story for the future.

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ImMrBill3 is correct; the staff and membership of cannot provide the answers to the questions you're asking. We strongly encourage you to seek the assistance of your healthcare provider.

Much good luck.

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