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New school nurse here this year. I'm coming from several years as a NICU nurse. I love the interaction with the kiddos. The paper work can be overwhelming so far and my "to do" list keeps growing. I'm at an elementary school and I know the kids are little and require some TLC, but the kids being sent down for "sleeping in class", stomach/headache 5 minutes before lunch, and "I think I have a fever, but I feel fine" kinda stuff is really eating up time I could be spending on knocking some of these other things out. To the school nurse veterans, any tips on who gets to lay down and rest (I only have 2 cots, and 2 chairs) and who goes right back to class? I feel like if I send them back soon after coming In the teachers will just send them back down again or be irritated with me. On the other hand, I feel like a presumably healthy child shouldn't hang out with all the germs and children who are actually sick/needing to go home. Any suggestions appreciated!!!


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I don't let them lay down unless they are looking puny to me - and then they are to lay quietly, no reading books, no talking to others - usually after 5 minutes or so they are bored and ask to return to class. Stomach aches - given the option to use my bathroom if needing privacy or they can sit in a chair with the trash can in front of them if they feel nauseated otherwise I tell them they really need to be in class. Headaches - water, let them sit in a chair for 5 minutes, I will call parents to see if someone could run tylenol or motrin up to school - usually when I make the parent call they are telling the kid to get back to class :)

I do get alot of "my head feels hot" - I check temps and send them back to class. Those sleeping in class - temps checked & I will call parents to let them know.

If you are in my office it is not fun time - I tell the kids if they are asking to read one of my books, color, use my ipad etc then they are well enough to go back to class to do their work - usually this works and they go back.

It will not take long to get to know your students, so it will get easier to weed thru those wanting TLC and those that are really sick.


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Thank you! I appreciate the tips! I'm used to my NICU babies. Granted, I have an 11 y/o myself, but I'm a bit of a softie í ½í¸¬