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Like PRN?



I have a question that I don’t really understand.

in my tpapn contract in Texas it says I must work a minimum of 64 hours A month I believe. If I worked 12 hour shifts this would be 1 day a week and 5.3 days in a month. ( 1 week would have like 2-3 days I would work. I’m sure you understand that.

however I am not allowed to work PRN. But what really is the difference? I assume it would be me working on a set day of the week like mondays instead of whenever they would call and want me there?

is it a real inconvenience For the schedule to have a tpapn nurse for one or two days outa the week? I think that would be the same or maybe even easier then having to make sure the person is scheduled to be directly supervised for 5 days every week. ( I also still wonder why this tpapn thing is such a big deal to employers? Other then the nurses personal problem they had what is really holding back the employers? I personally think they should be required by law for all of them to allow a program nurse to work somewhere since there is supposedly a demand and critical health is involved)

Back to the question ... but how do I go about asking to only work this many hours in the month. A few places I have talked to usually only had full time and PRN and maybe part time.

is there any common knowledge language/ word I’m missing to ask for this or do I just ask to work a minimum amount of hours for the month. (I can see how having a friend that owns the place or is the director of nursing or knowing a Dr would come in handy cause that’s a break I do not have.)

any suggestions or tips how I can approach this to see if I can get this done would be great. It makes me wonder how much of a demand for nurses there is like me since I have to be directly supervised. I assume not near as much as unencumbered?

sorry the post is hard to read I’m just having a mind roadblock on how to ask about this.


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You may be overthinking this. Full-time with 12 hour shifts is usually 3 shifts a week (which would be a minimum of 144 hours per month at 36×4) Part time is usually 3 shifts every 2 weeks (so minimum of 72 hours a month at 36×2). Either scenario would provide your minimum required hours. The issue with PRN ir per diem status is that you do not have any guaranteed hours and it usually involves a permanent float status where you may not have any assigned unit and therefore supervision can not be achieved. You could be part time and pick up extra shifts here and there on your assigned unit as long as you don't go over your maximum amout of hours per week as outlined by your monitoring program. Hope this helps.