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I'm an undergrad majoring in sociology but really want to go into nursing... :) I've applied to several accelerated MSN programs but I'n not sure what area to go into... I'm thinking about being a family nurse practitioner or pediatrics... I would appreciate any advice or comments on this and from anyone that's gone through an accelerated program after getting a 4 yr non-nursing degree... best thing about your job... the worst thing.... did you start out in the area that is your goal... any advice... I've heard nursing school is physically and emotionally draining.... :uhoh3:


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I have been a nurse for 15 years now and have only regretted it once it was a horrible day! I did not go into the field I preferred first I took the advice of a professor and spent 1 year in med/surg. While this was not my favorite time I do relize that it helped me prepare for a lifetime of being pulled to other units and floors. We don't always get to stay where we are comfortable and just this one year made it easier for me when I was pulled to another floor. Now I am comfortable going just about anyplace. I have my preferences but I don't have the panic attacks when they tell me I am getting pulled somewhere new. I just take it in stride. Nursing is a great career as long as you don't mind shift work, working holidays and weekends and sometimes you go weeks without a patient appreciating what you do. But then you get the one patient that is and it reaffirms your career choice and the sacrifices are worth it! Good luck on whatever you decide.

You need to practice nursing a little while before making up your mind. I believe most MSN programs require that you be an RN first, but you need to check that out with your school of nursing. Also, you might call around to see how many Nurse Practitioners (MSN) are in you community and how much are they making. Is the market saturated with a particular type, like pediatrics? Can you actually find a job? would you be willing to re-locate? Lots of things to consider, but FIRST you need to get that license. There are probably counselors in the College of Nursing. Yes, nursing school is hard, but you can do it. Your background should be a plus.


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On a personal level, Nursing is a highly reputable,humbling,diverse career choice.

After 14 years as a RN I have decided to leave Nursing. I will miss the patient

contact. I will not miss the lack of respect by management and physicians.

They are the two factors which contribute into Nursing not being recognized as

a true profession. We are mainly handmaidens. I am sorry to say.

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