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life's vexing moments--its the little things..


We all are well familiar with the demands and stresses that come with nursing school; projects, clinical, tests, and the sheer terror that comes with idea that any mistake we make will directly result in killing a patient.

But putting all of that fun (not) stuff aside, let's take a minute to vent about the little things that makes our lives harder. One of my biggest stressors is having to look for things, especially things I'm not familiar with. I really hate being sent to the supply closet that's like a warehouse, and spending 20 minutes looking for something I've never heard of just because it has 3 different names, brands and colors lol

The more time I spend looking, I can literally feel my blood pressure rising and my anxiety growing.

So fellow nursing students (or even vets that like to reminisce on the wonder days) what are some minor little things you encounter during clinical days that ordinarily wouldn't be a big deal but somehow bends you out of shape?


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Well, I'm not a nurse (yet) but I'm had similar experiences as a CNA.

Just little things like the shift before left only one wipe in the pack so now I have to go all the way to the storage closet for a new pack when I'm smack dab in the middle of something.

Or the shift before didn't finish their charting so I had to wait for the supervisor to come reset the charting kiosk system so I was able to start my charting.

For me it was a lot of things not being stocked from shifts before so it made my life inconvenient.

Little things that normally aren't a big deal but can just really grind some gears depending on the day :sniff: