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Life changing moment / Need advice


Hello everyone,

I've been reading many threads here and I think it's about time I post something.

I have a bit of a story, I hope it's not too long, but maybe you have some insight that be vital to my future.

So, in the past few years I have always come across nurses. I spent a lot of time in the hospital as a kid (Autoimmune disorder) and I've always been around nurses. I was always amazed by their steadfast knowledge and skills. One day a few years back I was in the ICU with a travel nurse for hours upon hours. He told me all about his job and how much he loved it. He loved the critical thinking, and the ability to take initiative. It was something that he felt suited him well. Since that day I've always been inspired to find a job that meant that much to me.

Here I am today studying microbiology (junior year) at a 4 year university, and I'm starting to realize, I need to become a nurse. I feel that I embody the characteristics and abilities entirely. Back when I was a kid, whenever someone got hurt I would always rush over, treat the wound, and help keep my friend calm and comfortable. I love the idea of being the first decision maker. The idea that you care for your patient physically, mentally, and emotionally. I strive for that kind of connection with a career.

So as of now I have a 3.1 GPA (going to retake some classes I messed up on, go me) and I've taken a lot of prerequisites already like bio, chem, micro, nutrition, and sociology. And have a few more to go.

I think an ABSN would be too fast paced and stressful so I want to transfer into a BSN program. How hard is this to do? How can I transfer to a school knowing I'll get into their nursing program?

I'm applying to volunteer at the local hospital, and I've worked in a clinical lab for my major before. I'm trying to stack my resume and absorb as much information as I can. But, what should I be doing now to better my odds at nursing school?

This is is something I feel that I absolutely have to do, I've given up Friday nights to read nursing books, and weekends to study. I promise myself I end up in the healthcare industry no matter what it takes. All I need is a little direction and motivation.

Any advice or comments are sincerely appreciated, thanks guys!

I agree retaking some classes to boost up your GPA is a good idea. You may even want to take some extra classes in subjects you are good at to boost it up. While I was taking my prerequisites, I also took some easier classes that would help keep my GPA up, like English classes since I'm good at writing. I agree a BSN program would probably be a better choice. Nursing school is hard enough without accelerating it. But there's no way to know if you'll get into a nursing program, you just have to apply. Maybe multiple times. It took me three times to get into my ADN program since it's so competitive but I got into my BSN Completion Program on my first try. Good luck to you, sounds like you'll make a good nurse :)

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Thanks for the help I really appreciate it. I'm thinking of taking my prereq's at a community college nearby. The goal is to get into a BSN program but I'll do what I can to get there.