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I am currently pursueing my BSN and will be completed approx in Dec. I have to make some decisions quick. I am planning to go on with my masters and had planned to go the FNP route but lately I've been having second thoughts. Has anyone heard of a Juris Doctor degree where essentially you can get a law degree with the base of a BSN? How does this work and what do I need to do to get started? Either way I go does anyone have info on funding? I'm going to owe more in tuition than I'll ever make in a lifetime!:rolleyes:


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I'm sure you can pursue your JD just like anyone with any other Bachelors degree.

I've not taken this route myself, but I think you should probably go ahead and take the LSAT this summer and plan on finishing your BSN and taking the NCLEX after you graduate. Remember, even with a BSN you are not an RN until you pass the NCLEX.

I know healthcare law is a hot area, and you would probably be really marketable in health care defense work. The only thing I can think of that may be a liability is not ever working as an RN. You might want to give it a year or so, just to get your feet wet and then go on to law school.

Good luck!

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look at widener university school of law

even have nurse paralegal program

know someone going through program now with bsn. yes, it can be done.

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Nurse paralegal is a long way from the Juris Doctorate, but maybe it might be a good way to see if you would like the law. Again, though, legal nurse consultant (or paralegal, which is used interchangeably but really not the same thing) requires some experience with charts, standards, etc. I would think your BSN would be handled just like any other bachelor's for the purposes of entry to law school. Good luck.

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