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Have any of you had experiece using lidocaine patches? If so, what types of pain did you use it for. How often did the patches have to be applied?



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The only pain that I have had any (and it wasn't much) luck treating with lidocaine patches, would be PHN.

Overall, Lidocaine patches are much like bandaids. They'll cover the hurt but don't offer any real pain releif.


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We've been using a Lido patch along with p.o. meds on an elderly lady who fell at home and has chronic back pain . . . .on in the a.m. and off at night. The combo seems to work . . .she is ambulatory and pretty much pain free.



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We used a Lido patch on a pt with Shingles around her left back/ribs. It seemed to make the pain more tolerable for the pt.

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I've used it for back pain, with not much luck.

Recently a doc ordered it for a patient with chronic chest pain. I thought that so bizarre, but since he ordered a pain management consult, I felt sure the MD would come along and d/c it so I didn't question it too much.


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for some chronic (esp. cancer) pts admitted for pain mngmt i will use IV lidocaine drips - great results...


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Currently using Lidocaine patch on an elderly pt who fell & Fx a few ribs. Patch is placed 12 hours on 12 hours off, used with her reg scheduled po oxycontin she has been pain free. Before the patch she c/o break through pain quite frequently.


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Yes, I think we use thees "angel patch" or "angel cream" to PHD in child care, with a lot of good responses. My experiences with them is both good and bad; because the xylocain will contract the veins and make it more difficult to fine a good veine. In canser care with children its a lot of psychology: and the "signal-respons"-effect can create havy trauma if we dont pay attention to this side of nursing. We allways use lido-patch when pt get VAP needle, and often the child decide to have the patch for 2 hours before use. The VAP needle lumen is rather big, and all the "stuff" with aseptic procedure create fear, so often the child get a VAP needle and a patch for the bear to; and as a nurse: NOTE HOW THE CHILD IS PUTTING THIS INSIDE THE BEAR!!! It tells me more than any word.

Am I too psychological oriented?


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