Lidocaine to acute abrasive extensive injury

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I would like know if somebody use or know some literature about Lidocaine use to acute abrasive extesive injury

Er docs I work with generally apply viscous lidocaine topically to treat road rash etc. Use with caution on cardiac patients. Absorption is minimal but still risky.

Will slow down pedi patient's heart also! Some evidence that it is absorbed systemically if pt.

:roll I have used 4% topical lido on road rash. I have used a basin and placed the lido in the basin, then put some 4x4's in the basin to let them soak up the lido and placed them on road rash 10-15 minutes prior to attempting to debride or clean wounds. It stings initially, but in the end the wounds are numbed up enough to where the patient can tolerate you touching them.:roll

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Sounds good Now a question for someone who is terminally curious - what does everyone use to dress road rash???

Do you treat it as a burn with SSD and melolin or do you cover it with something else.

my preference is 4% lidocaine topically, soak 4x4 in it, apply to wound, then wrap with gauze and apply ice pack. numb it from both ways.

Actually I work OB but I have seen one doc make a mixture that seemed to help w/ less systemic results...

1% local Lidocaine mixed w/ KY jelly

Didn't completely block the pain, but worked nicely to make it more tollerable.

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