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Licensed to Practice Nursing, or not to practice nursing?

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Hello fellow Nurses! I joined all nurses to specifically ask this question. I'm an LPN at this time, and I work per diem for two sub acute/LTC facilities. And is it awful that I'm four years into my bedside nursing experience that I'm feeling burnt out already? I fell into nursing mainly because it's a family business, my mother's a nurse, my aunts are nurses, my cousin is an NP, you get it...so I'm feeling a bit tormented over whether or not I should stick to it at all. I understand that nursing homes are not the only place to be a nurse. Offices, health insurances etc..I heard once of an lpn working in a facility testing medical/surgical equipment and that sounds really interesting, just one problem..that job doesn't exist. Not anywhere I can find on the internet at least. So I'm reaching out to my fellow nurses for this one..to practice nursing or not to practice nursing that is the question. Any lpn careers that are less direct in patient care is what I think I'm leaning towards, any ideas or resources would be undoubtedly appreciated. Thanks again friends:)

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I know that LPNs have limited opportunities compared to RNs, but I am sure there are positions away from the bedside. Try looking in quality assurance roles, there are also some insurance companies they hire LPNs for telephonic roles.

thank you for the suggestions!

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In my part of the country, experienced LVNs are being employed as scribes - doing all the manual documentation in the EHR while accompanying the doc on rounds so the doc only has to verify & 'sign'. It's a fairly new development, but seems to be working very well.


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