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License Reimbursement


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I'm asking for a license reimbursement from a new agency and the recruiter is giving me the "oh it wasn't put in the contract" stuff. I haven't had it put in the contract with other agencies, rather it was just part of their policy. Before I respond to her I want to get a feel from people if this is something they have in their contracts or if it's something their agency just does. Thanks.

It should be in your contract and you should read the contract before you sign it and make sure that everything discussed is in it. This includes all compensation, including specific overtime rates and what licensure costs are covered (for example license verifications and background check required for licensure may be treated differently than the direct cost of the license). This discussion and contract checking is particularly important when it is a new agency for you.

It is very likely that if you go back and look at your old contracts, the specific license reimbursement policy was in it or your employee handbook (which is part of your contract). Agencies that don't put things in writing get into trouble. If you didn't discuss license reimbursement with this agency, well, your bad. Some agencies do not routinely reimburse, it is not that they are trying to put one over on you.

This happened to me once. I waited until it was time to renew my contract or look for a new assignment. I told them I was going with another agency if they didn't reimburse. I got reimbursed.