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License Help!


Greetings guys!

I had a question about transfering a license from state to state.

I took my NCLEX in NJ on Feb 12th and passed. [Thank God] and I had to move to NY recently and now I'm going to have to work in NY because the commute to NJ is pretty far... I have not received my license in the mail and I wanted to know how to go about transferring the license to NY. I went to the NY state board of nursing web page :typing but I could not find a link or the documents to transfer a license. I called but got disconnected twice and I emailed them but no reply. Does anybody have the link for the necessary forms and information???

Do I need to put my NJ license to work before I can transfer it to another state??

Another question I had is regarding double licensure. Is it possible to have 2 licenses in NJ and NY?? Where can I get the informaiton for that?

Sorry guys I am lost! :yawn: I appreciate all your help and time! THANKS! :rolleyes:

Silverdragon102, BSN

Specializes in Medical and general practice now LTC. Has 33 years experience.

Yes you have have license for NY and NJ. Look on the NY website for endorsing and complete forms. Will more than likely have to do the 2 courses that are mentioned on the NY website

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