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I am hoping to hear of others' experiences of RNs moving to the US from another country who have successfully gotten licensed in their state of choice. 

Has anyone initially applied to a state BON but their CGFNS CES report came back with educational deficiencies so they applied to a different state BON, got licensed, then endorsed into the original state they wanted to move to therefore bypassing the CES report barrier?

Here's hoping there is someone out there!!

You are going to have to meet the educational requirements of the state you want to endorse your license to.

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I've been a licensed RN for over 20 years in two states. Even after 20+ years every renewal there is a section on the form for my education that needs to filled out. This is true for both states.  So yes, you will need to meet the education requirements for whatever state you are wanting to license in. If you don't have the required components you will not be issued a license for that state. 

Your best and likely only option if you are moving is to choose a state where you do meet the education requirements and while you are working there enroll in a school that is approved by your state of choice and take the needed classes to get licensed there.  If you decide that is a good option do your research before enrolling in classes. Not every state will accept credits from every program. Make sure the school you choose is accredited and accepted by the state you are wanting to move to.

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