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Has anybody done liberty university residential BSN program? I'm thinking of applying for the spring accelerated within a year and wanted some input. How's the campus and school of nursing? Is faculty very helpful? Does liberty help prepare you for the NCLEX? Also, is the clinical sights near from the campus? Any input would be gladly appreciated!

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Hi, i started at Liberty and disnt make it into the program but my sister just graduated this past december. She did the accelerated program. The campus is beautiful. Staff are so so with help. The clinical instructors are wonderful. The 1st courses in the accelerated program ia hard with doing a full assesment of all the body along with testing all the cranial nerves. I was the test subject for my sister. She said the senior year is easier and so is sophmore which ia what the accelerated program begins you in. Pathophysiology is their course to weed out students so study hard. Liberty prepared ger for the NCLEX but she also studied for 2 months before taking it. She was lucky to have all her clinical sites at Centra but most students had 1 or 2 hour away clinicals. If you need any clarifications ask.

I wish I saw this earlier! Yes it’s a bummer they changed the requirements again. Now they require the HESI-A2 and the patho. Everything else I have done and complete. I was going to take the summer accelerated.

How much students do they usually take in?

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I think its 70 to 90. The ranking before was based on GPA, passing A&P with A's, and passing patho to get in. I don't know how important the TEAS played but now it the HESI A2 you started. My sister just graduated the accelerated this past December. She said junior year was harder than sophomore and senior year.

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