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Hey guys I've just accepted a travel assignment for Beebe Medical Center in Lewes, DE. The start date is May 12. I'm wondering if anyone has ideas on where I can rent for the summer? This will be my first time in the area so I'm not sure what is a reasonable price. Thanks in advance for any tips.


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I'm curious as well!


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experienced nurses need not apply, PACU

really nice coworkers, truly amazed how nice they are in the face of what they have to deal with on a daily basis. theyre overworked, understaffed, leaned on to work way more than other hospitals because of that leading to their personal time being taken advantage of by mostly working their full time day shifts with a steady stream of overnights and weekends, when hired for a simple day shift with on-call.

unbelievably slow HR process to get hired, took months to get everything in order and I have a very basic, simple application with great references and experience. My unit comprised of many soon-to-be retirees, meaning many of the large issues at hand turned a blind eye because of complacency and impending retirement.

I was misinformed about what my schedule would be on the interview versus what the reality is, which I spoke out on. Patient care standards are very low at times and many docs pass the buck around, by the time anyone gets around to helping the acute urgent issue at hand the patients fall thru those cracks causing them to be worse off then they needed to be, had someone acted faster. Safety of patients, and standards of care came into question weekly, I approached management and HR, unfortunately the hospital has high census, meaning they have to deal with that first ensuring the flow of patients in and out, causing many of these issues to fall to the wayside and only to re-emerge doing urgent situations, which happens.

large teaching hospitals have a lot checks and balances, standards in place, rankings to consider and are on the offensive, setting high standards. This hospital seems to be running on the defensive, if ever they can catch up. Manager seems to be a middleman, without having much executive power. It's not magnet, and they have a higher census coming in then their own capacity even allows for causing patients to back up in the ED and any unit that has rooms especially the post sugical unit. They will attempt to alter acuity of a patient to move them to a room that's available, even though that patient may require closer monitoring then that unit provides.

Compensation is no more better than nearby. i would try not to be a patient here.

if you hire someone with a lot of differing hospital experience, it would behoove you to listen to their concerns and show a plan of change. Communicate with your employees, deliver on promises, and be visible. I was hired because of my breadth of experience, only to have that backfire

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