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Hey all :)

Getting ready to start back in clinical on Monday and I can't wait!! Started 3rd quarter on Tuesday and while I love school, I'm finding lecture really boring and exhausting :) I know it is necessary, but I'm sure you all can agree that the real learning takes place in the hospital with real patients!


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I found that while labs and lecture can be boring (depending on who is teaching it), it is important to be able to correlate the facts and the action. I actually had interesting instructors for the most part.

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my instructor goes strictly by the book which is soooo boring! But in clinicals she's a bear! Never underestimate class time, the teacher will expect you to do the applications in clinicals exactly the way you learned them in class and lab practice. You have to have the knowledge before you can apply it to real life. I ace class but when I get to clinicals I feel less than competent. The hands on is much harder and it's where you really learn, but you do need the knowledge.

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I'm the rare person who likes the paperwork, reading, testing, assignments, care plans, and other lecture-based stuff far more than the hands-on clinical rotations. Clinical rotations have never excited me much.

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