Let'd do a million nurse march!!!!

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Seriously, on Nurses Day, maybe not this year, but by next year.... We should all get together and march on Washington and show them that we are concerned about our patients care....is anyone interested?

Jay-Jay, RN

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Sorry...that link won't work for you, because the post was moved to the Bad Post Forum. I'll copy and paste Karen's explanation of what went wrong...

Posters from this site ORIGINATED the idea of the million nurse march and set up the organization only to be taken over by ONE person who incorporated web site and orgination name and disallowed freedom of speech at website.

THAT's what happened and why no support.

GEE, I didn't do too bad with the 40+ nurses and supporters who showed up in Philly May 5th, 2001 for our Millenium Nurses Rally.

Kudos to our own NRSKarenRN, for making a success of her rally! :) I tried to get something going in Canada, but lost my enthusiasm when the parent movement was taken over, as described above.


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There was a nurses march on DC in 1995. 35,000 nurses and healthcare workers showed up. It was an fantastic day. But everything went back to the way it was the next day. Nothing changed.

Videotape of the event is available at http://www.GREATnurses.com

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