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Hello Allnurses family, quick question for you all. In the Spring of 2018 I applied to the Hunter college generic nursing program. Unfortunately, even with a 4.0 in all my science prereq's my cumulative GPA of 3.5 just wasn't good enough to get me a seat in the program. Yea, it certainly stung a lot but life goes on. So, now I'm looking at Lehman college. Given that they ONLY look at ones science prereq GPA I'm fairly certain I'll have a better chance of getting into that program. My concern however is what will happen if/when I graduate from that program and look for a job in Manhattan. I'm sure i should be thankful to be given a job anywhere in the NYC area...but I really have my heart set on a Manhattan based hospital setting. I'm sure the Lehman clinical are in the Bronx and the Hunter clinical are in Manhattan..this is just my assumption. So by doing my clinicals in a Manhattan hospital wouldn't that get me closer to a job in the city as opposed to the Bronx? I could apply to the accelerated Hunter program next Spring of 2019 and keep my fingers crossed for a seat in the Fall cohort but that would involve taking that genome biology course next Fall as required. More $$$ going out the door! Ugh....so...I could very well just apply to both programs and see what happens but I thought I'd just reach out to you all to get your feedback on which program would most likely lead to the job I'm looking for.


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Hunter's accelerated program is much more competitive than the generic. So that would seem even less likely as an option. You will be just fine going to Lehman. Clinical placements in Manhattan CAN help create job connections but I know very few people where that actually panned out. You will be totally fine applying in Manhattan hospitals with a BSN from Lehman.

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Lehman is still a very highly regarded program. No one will care which boroughs your clinicals were in, all the programs send their students to clinicals in all the boroughs, trust me.


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Thanks you two for those words of wisdom. I really appreciate it! More and more it's making better sense to just follow through with the Lehman pursuit rather than Hunter.