Who can write a telephone order?

  1. I want to ask the experts.

    Is there a law or regulation regarding who may take a telephone order?

    A new clerk took a phone order to discharge a patient.
    She said it was standard policy at her previous job.
    This is an acute care hospital.

    I found CMS requirements for orders to be signed within a time frame but nothing about an unlicensed person taking orders over the phone.

    At our hospital only an RN may take all orders. Respiratory, LVNs, Dieticians, and other licensed professionals may take orders within their scopes. This is hospital policy.
    The RN called the physician back and the clerk knows not to take an order again, but it got me wondering.
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  3. by   sirI
    Hello herring_RN

    This should be addressed in each individual BON.

    In the case of who can give the telephone order, many BON clearly define who can and cannot give orders. Some BON will state, "telephone orders can be given by anyone who has been appropriately designated by the Physician".

    Some BON have less-than-clear directives like, "telephone orders can be received by the RN or LPN or anyone appropriate under Statute ABC of the State XYZ".

    So, one needs to research the BON regarding unlicensed personnel in the above situation.
  4. by   herring_RN
    Thank you!