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  1. I have looked over the website and these modules. Only two are available at this time. I assume, these are not required to take the exam.

    Are there books that are recommended for passing the test by AALNC. I see there are several on Amazon. I am wondering which book and or author might be recommended.

    Thank you in advance.
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  3. by   sirI
    Hello, nightngale1998,

    The online course is for entry-level preparation as well as for the seasoned LNC. Once completed, the individual RN would still need to satisfy requirements to sit for certification by AALNC.

    Any LNC (with or without formal LNC education preparation) who meets the requirements may sit for the AALNC certification examination. The designation will be LNCC (Legal Nurse Consultatant Certified).

    As for study materials for the certification examination, the Legal Nurse Consulting: Principles & Practice 2nd Edition is the text for the online course. Utilizing this book and experience as an LNC will prepare you for the certification examination once you fulfill the requirements. Requirements are as follows:

    1. Current licensure as a registered nurse in the United States or its territories, with a full and unrestricted license.
    2. A minimum of five years of experience practicing as a registered nurse.
    3. Evidence of 2,000 hours of legal nurse consulting experience within the past three years.
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  4. by   nightingale
    Oh, the three year practicing as a LNC is key (for me as I do NOT have it). I am newly researching this avenue of interest.

    Thanks siri.
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  5. by   sirI
    You are welcome. Glad to see your interest, nightngale1998.
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