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  1. Hello everyone, I have been lurking for awhile and I love this site! Good advice from experienced nurses, great combo!!
    I am looking to start a LNC course and I need advice. I have narrowed it down to Milazzo verses AALNC.
    With Milazzo I will be certified faster, but I am not sure that this matters. Her program is quite expensive and with my current situation I need to be careful. My husband and I adopted a child, then he lost his job and I herniated two discs, my back is a mess. Not likely that I will return to the beside ever.
    I have experience in CCU, MICU, Cath Lab and finally parish nursing.
    I appreciate any help that I can get.
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  3. by   sirI
    hello, bungiern and welcome to

    you are correct as it does not matter if you are immediately certified. receiving the education is what is important.

    both courses are excellent. i recommend either. you can do a home study with the milazzo institute, too. not have to attend the 6 day course - do at home at a slower pace. and, of course, the aalnc is online at your own pace.

    you can be certified with aalnc later, once you've met their requirements. but, in the mean time, you may use the lnc after your name.

    if you have other specific questions regarding lnc, please do not hesitate to post here or send me a private message.

    good to have you with us. good luck with your career plans and i hope you improve physically and financially.
  4. by   bungieRN
    Thanks so much for the information and the well wishes, I don't give up easily and I am an optimist. This is just one more challenge to overcome!
    I'm sure that I will have more questions and look forward to receiving guidance from this great group of nurses!!
  5. by   sirI
    excellent, bungiern

    you've found a home here.
  6. by   tnbutterfly
    Hello bungieRN and welcome to the site. You have definitely come to the right place for information regarding LNC's. I found this site while trying to get more information on various LNC courses. Like you, I narrowed it down to the Milazzo course and the AALNC course. I feel both are excellent options and would provide comprehensive training. After much contemplation, I decided to go with the AALNC course. I have been pleased with it so far. One major drawback with it is that you have to be self-disciplined to get through the course, but you can work at your own pace and it is far more economical than other options. I feel that you won't go wrong if you go with either of these programs. You need to decide what is best for you.

    Siri is a wonderful resource since she has a very successful LNC business and is very willing to share her knowledge. If you have any specific questions regarding the AALNC program, I would be happy to talk with you either through this post or via pm.

    I wish you the best of luck as you make your decision.
  7. by   bungieRN
    Thanks tnbutterfly, I am heavily leaning toward the AALNC course and your input is very apreciated!! It is such a relief to have support through this forum! I will let you know when I sign up for a course and I am sure that I will be in touch. Thanks again!
  8. by   CaseManager1947
    I too have been lurking in the rooms, and interested in becoming an LNC. I did lots of research on this before deciding on my course of action. The AALNC and ABA both linked me to an online distance learning course thru Canyon College. It, too is self paced, uses the Patricia Iyer "bible" of LNC. It is $900.00 for the 4month course. I decided to go this route, as certification is NOT required to enter into business in this field. Certification is a nursing thing, not a lawering thing. I figured I have a Master's, I think I can sort my way thru this 900 page book, get the info I need. There is also an option for a 30 day internship when you finish their LNC class (for $250 more). Beats the extra $2,000 Ms. Milazzo charges. I have been surfing other LNC websites for what they offer, etc. The software needed to do your case reviews and timelines, etc. I wish u good luck on your pursuit,
  9. by   bungieRN
    Thanks casemanager1947, this info. is good to know. I am doing the AALNC program now and really enjoying it! I like the idea of an internship, something that I may check into.