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  1. Hi, I'm a new CLNC and I need a few tips. First, I am currently working full time as a nursery nurse, should I be signing things as RN, CLNC? How did you guys get started? I live in NC btw. Anyway any and all advice welcomed.
    thanks Crissy
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    hello, crissy,

    no, i would not sign as clnc in your hospital for you were not hired as clnc. now, that is just my opinion. many have had problems when they advertise the fact they are a legal nurse consultant.

    as for getting started, please check out this thread in this forum:

    [font='times new roman']legal nurse consulting and marketing ideas
    [font='times new roman']
    [font='times new roman']if you have specific questions regarding working as an lnc, please do not hesitate to post here.

    good luck with your career.